Thanks to the tireless work of Nan Goldin & P.A.I.N. cultural institutions all over the world have been taking the Sackler name off their buildings & are refusing to engage around donations linked to the national epidemic.


In July 2019, Purdue Pharmaceuticals took its own name off its headquarters due to community backlash.


The Sackler’s have never explored #opioidreperations.


Having the new wing at a world-renowned museum named after you is much more sexy than building back the communities after profiting from their literal death toll. The body count in Appalachian hills & hollers doesn’t lie, families like Sackler’s have made tens of BILLIONS of dollars killing and turning communities into post-industrial wastelands which resemble dystopian nightmares.


Opioid Reparations puts the profits that were made from killing back into those communities through addiction recovery resources & harm reduction. The Smithsonian doesn’t need another Sackler Gallery as badly as West Virginia needs accessible and sustainable recovery resources that are based on need NOT income. Opioid Reparations would be a game changer for the communities hardest hit by the opioid epidemic. Opioid Reparations are in the best interest of the most marginalized and targeted in our community.